PROGRAM // October 3-6, Milan

Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet combines good food, dancing and drinks with contextual knowledge, inspiration and education and brings together a unique group of young farmers, food producers and food professionals from all over the world. The four-day program, based on the model of the Slow Food Youth Network Food Academy, will allow the group to connect, be inspired, create solutions and finally share their ideas about feeding the planet in the future on a world Stage at Expo.

The main areas of focus of the program are divided into 5 clusters:
1. Innovation – How do we produce our food in the future?
2. Power – How do we redistribute power in global food systems?
3. Heritage – How can we preserve our heritage?
4. Message – What are the best communication strategies for change?
5. Commons – How can we design a new strategy for the commons?

The full timetable is available now! Discover all conferences, keynote presentations, discussions, workshops and the public program and get ready for Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet. 

* For more information about the program read the program desciptions below or click on day 1, day 2, day 3 and day 4. Small changes in the program may occur. 

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Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet will mainly take place at two locations in the heart of Milan, close to Porta Genova: Superstudio Più and Mercato Metropolitano. On the last day of the four-day event, all delegates and participants will visit the Expo and share their ideas with the world.

Find your way to the locations with this map

Do you want to participate in the Academy Program?
Unfortunately, registration for the four-day Academy Program is now closed. However, on 3 October, there will be a public event at Mercato Metropolitano. This will provide you with an opportunity to meet all the participants and the people of Milan in an evening full of music, drinks, inspiring exchanges and the most international Disco Soup ever imagined.

Have you subscribed and confirmed your registration for the four-day Academy Program? Registration guarantees the following:
- access to all aspects of the Academy program (all lectures, conferences, workshops and hackathons)
-basic accommodation 

There is no fixed ticket fee for participating. We do, however, kindly request that you make a reasonable donation to the crowdfunding platform. With your donation you will contribute to the travel expenses of Small Scale Producers - young farmers who otherwise would not be able afford to travel to the event and who are of crucial importance to the program. As a result, you will encourage the sharing of experiences, knowledge and ideas among the youth to redefine the Future of Food together. Your donation is crucial to the succes of Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed The Planet.

Your donation is crucial to the succes of Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed The Planet. 


    Superstudio Più and Mercato Metropolitano

    CONNECT - A festive opening ceremony in the morning will be followed by kick-off sessions on a regional level. In these meetings, the participants will get to know their fellow food academics and start sharing their ideas about how to affect the future food system in their own regions and professions. In the afternoon, a big public event will have the participants share their food and thoughts with the citizens of our host city: Milan.

    Afternoon & Evening
    - Welcome to all participants
    - Regional Meetings: Meet all other participants from your part of the world, find out what the Slow Food Youth Network has been working on and help decide the agenda for the next few years.
    - Introduction to the program: Dive into our different program clusters - Innovation, Power, Heritage, Message, Commons - with all other participants and benefit from the knowledge of senior experts like Raj Patel and Carlo Petrini.
    - Welcome to all participants by Carlo Petrini, President of Slow Food International and Joris Lohman, chairman of the Slow Food Youth Network
    - Public event in Mercato Metropolitano: Meet the City! All participants are invited to meet the Milanese people during an evening full of music, drinks, inspiring exchanges and the most international Disco Soup ever created.

    Day 1:

    * All of these days will be seasoned and spiced with additional events aimed at the general public in Milan. These will also be accessible to We Feed the Planet participants; music, farmer speed dates, food safaris and bike tours through Milan, among others.


    Superstudio Più and Mercato Metropolitano

    GET INSPIRED - Day 2 is all about getting inspired and learning from and with each other. Through lectures, in-depth discussions and food films and documentaries, our delegates dive into the large array of topics that dominate the debate of feeding the planet. During the day, experts and food heroes like Patrick Holden, Serge Latouche and Carlo Petrini will be on stage for long interviews and there will be a great opportunity for questions from the audience.

    During the day:
    - Masterclasse by Serge Latouche
    - Workshop: Women in Agriculture (in collaboration with Oxfam and Fondazione ACRA)
    - Conference: Sowing the Future, Protecting Seeds Biodiversity,
    - Conference: Meat and Animal Welfare,
    - Discussions about Food Policies - Public & Private Responsibility (in collaboration with Eating City)
    - Conference: Ocean Grabbing & Fisheries

    - Conference: Intercultural Gastronomy: Indigenous Seeds, ingredients and Principles for a sustainable future.
    - Launch of the project 'CAP, What's Cooking?' with a cooking show and live debate with young farmers and chefs from around Europe in collaboration with Groupe de Bruges (

    This inspirational day, will culminate in an international dinner at Mercato Metropolitano accompanied by drinks and music.

    Day 2:


    Superstudio Più and Mercato Metropolitano

    CREATE - All newly found knowledge and inspiration won’t be wasted. On day 3, this energy will be used to create new campaign ideas, business concepts and communication strategies, through creative sessions and workshops hosted by our very skilled and experienced program partners. For our more autonomous participants, there will be many spaces available to start working on all the ideas that will have undoubtedly started sprouting in their minds. Do you want to establish a Slow Food Youth Academy in your country? Claim a space, gather your team and start working on a plan!

    During the day:
    - Masterclass by Alice Waters
    - Hacking the Future of Food (co-organzed by Hacka Global, Seeds & Chips & the Food Innovation Program)
    - Workshop: Youth Entrepreneurship in Agriculture (in collaboration with IFAD)
    - SFYN Toolkit: Slow Food Academy Pressure Cooker
    - Conference: Wasting Food in a Hungry World
    - Discussion: Food & Education

    Day 3:


    World EXPO

    SHARE – On our final day, we will bring our energy and ambition to Expo itself. A selection of our new campaigns, plans and start-ups will be presented at Expo, as will the outcomes of our hackathon, to show the world how to really feed the planet in the future. Finally, we will finish with an aperitivo at the Slow Food Pavilion.

    During the day
    SFYN Conference: At EXPO, we will summarize the previous days’ events, pitch our best new concepts and ideas and look ahead to the future of food we want to commit ourselves to. Also, you’ll have the opportunity to walk around and have a look at the other pavillions.

    Together with the participants we will finish the four-day program with an aperitivo at the Slow Food Pavillion.

    Day 4:

    Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet will not end after these four days. We aim to present a program that provokes and even demands interactivity and creativity, leading to ideas, connections and ambitions that will last for decades.