I want to pursue a life with Slow Food

Heyooo! My name is Elliot Diana. I guess my “home” is in Quaker Hill, Connecticut, but I have many homes in many places and like to move between them. I am a second year student at UVM studying Ecology and Sustainable Agriculture, which I plan to combine to make differences in the agricultural systems of our world.

I have always cooked, gardened, and cherished good food for I know that we are what we eat. The food that I create, inspired by my family and by cafes/restaurants in which I have worked, was always slow. Always whole foods, simply put together with love, to make a healthy, delicious, and fair experience for my taste buds. I was inspired to join Slow Food by a friend of mine with whom I was cooking during the summer and it was love at first bite. Since I discovered Slow Food, the importance and perfection of the movement has astounded me and has filled my brain with desires and inspirations to learn, cook, and make changes in how humans eat as a specie. In Café Flo, in the Florence Griswold museum located in Old Lyme, Connecticut, I learned to cook with farm fresh food, discover new tastes and incorporate the community into food appreciation. At King Arthur Flour in Vermont, I learned to bake French baguettes and began my obsession with the art of bread baking. I always knew that the food that is taken directly from the earth in an ethical way was the best food that I could put into my body, but after my first year at UVM I learned in detail many aspects about the faults in our food system and the problems that we are sure to face in the future because of these.

I want to pursue a life with Slow Food because I think it is ridiculous that people can have a full-time job and still not have enough money to feed themselves with nutritious food. Much of the food that people buy from the grocery store is, in my mind, poison. I think that food is one of the most important factors of our wellbeing and that if everyone could eat in a slow way, the world would be a drastically different place. So far, the Slow Food movement has already changed my life and I have only just discovered it. It embodies everything that I have lived by in my twenty years of life and I plan to spread the message of Slow Food until I die. I will always produce my own food and cook high-quality, innovative meals. After Terra Madre Giovani - We Feedt the Planet, I will spread what I learned to my friends, family, and community so that others can learn what I had learned. I hope to open a restaurant and bakery, specializing in healthy, original, fresh, and fair foods that spread happiness to people in the long and short terms. Food has an unreal ability to shape one's energy and life. I want to spread good energy to others through my food and allow them to feel powerful and healthy after eating a meal that we as humans are truly supposed to eat. This is my stance on Slow Food and why I cannot wait to get to Milan for the Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet event!

Elliot Diana

Elliot Diana is one of the delegates coming from Slow Food Youth Network Vermont