Support the Small Scale Producers

Feeding the Planet is the biggest challenge our generation has to face, and with EXPO 2015 focusing on exactly this, the world is coming to Milan for answers. But isn’t it senseless to discuss the future of feeding the planet without the presence of the young farmers and food producers, or, in other words Small Scale Producers from all over the world? We need their voices and opinions: It’s time to give a platform to those who work hard, night and day, to put food on our plates.

As EXPO comes to a close, Slow Food and Slow Food Youth Network will take this unique opportunity to bring together thousands of young food producers from all over the world to discuss the future of our food during the event Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed The Planet.

To enable those who really feed the planet to come to the event in Milan, a Crowdfunding Platform has been created by Saatchi&Saatchi. Through the website people can donate money to fund raise the participation of the Small Scale Producers.


The world-renowned communication and advertising agency has put the spotlight on the Small Scale Producers by using a serie of miniatures in their communication campaign to represent them. 

With a donation, you will support these ‘Small Scale Producers’ and send them from their home countries to Milan.

Even the smallest donation is crucial to feeding the world with new hope. Help us to bring the Small Scale Producers and allow them to Milan! Support the Small Scale Producers to raise their voices!

We need your support to enable all these Small Scale Producers, young farmers and food producers to come to Milan.

What can you do? 
Let’s show the world who really feeds the planet during Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed The Planet. Raise awareness, donate money and let’s rock this Crowdfunding project together! We need you, we need them, we need everybody to join in, donate and spread the word! 

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