Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet Closing Conference in Auditorium // 11.30-12.30 // Expo
Moderator: Maham Rizvi (Radio Slow Food)
Speaker: Paolo Gentiloni (Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs)

On the final day of Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet we will bring our energy as well as old and new ideas to Expo itself. During this conference we'll share with the rest of the world what we've learned over the previous few days, who we've met and what's on the agenda for the next few years. After the conference, we will all march to the Slow Food Pavilion for lunch and the official closing ceremony of Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet.

March to Slow Food Pavilion + Official closing and lunch // 12.30-14.00 // Expo

Free time at Expo // 14.00 - 16.00 // Expo

High-level Panel: Agriculture investments for Small Scale Farmers // 16.00 - 17.00 // Expo
On global scale, farming is dominated by small-scale producers, with woman playing a critical role in both food crops production and caring and maintaining farming families that ensure food security in their communities. In many low- and middle-income countries, agriculture accounts for a major share of the economy, although its share of gross domestic product (GDP) is declining. The event aims to outline how to promote a supportive investment climate for smallholders in order to ensure inclusive sustainable development in rural areas. Specific attention will be paid at the diverse needs and aspirations of the many different segments of rural societies, especially young farmers and women. To kick start the discussion a few representatives of the young small farmers attending the Forum will address short and very much focused messages to the panelists pointing out needs and conditions to be addressed for more inclusive models of agricultural investments. Representatives of institutions (i.e. National Governments/European Commission/UN Agencies etc.) and private sector are expected to reply to messages raised by small-scale producers and to share their vision about the future of food.
- What if all farmers, male and female, had full and equal control over the necessary resources for farming, and over the outputs of their labor?
- What if the ideas and innovations of resource-poor farmers leading to improvements of their natural resource base were supported by adequate access to public and private sector investments?
Speakers to be confirmed.

Free time at Expo // 17.00 - 18.00 // Expo

Aperitivo at Slow Food Pavilion // 18.00 - 20.30 // Expo
Enjoy your last Italian moment together with new and old friends, raise your glass to a better future of food!