German delegation: We are doers!

We are with many and we are diverse! Boys and girls, born in Germany or German by choice, farmers, fishers, cheese, tofu or wine makers, bakers, butchers, and chefs, from the coast, from cities, or the hilly South (if you think they are wearing Lederhosen there, you are also right!)… What we share is passion for food, that fills our lives. We are producers - we feed the planet! 

Elena and FranziskaThe more people we are, the stronger we are. This is why we also bring activists, academics, and, more in general, all those who support our case to Milan. Together with the other delegates from all over the world, we want to show the public who stands behind their food, the good, clean and fair food!

As we wish to strengthen the Slow Food Youth Network and contribute to the discussions on various topics related to the food system, we try to represent as many professions as possible. Lale (24) and Tasja (32) are two cheese makers, Sebastian (21) is a wine maker, Christian (31) and David (27) know everything about meat, Julia (33) and Ann (41) are our brave beekeepers, Erik (21), Jan (28), and Philipp (26) are our talented newcomers for the slow gastronomy, Elena (34) and Franziska (35) produce tofu, Peter (28) prepares miso - a Japanese specialty, while Andre (35) is one of those, who bakes famous German bread… to name just a few of our delegation.
                                                                                                                                                                                                  Elena and Franziska

We feel like we swim against the tide. In Germany, and probably in many other countries as well, people ask very rarely, where their food comes from. They are not interested in agriculture, and as our work is hard and often appreciated little, there are only a few young people following this path: every year fewer! Is this a sustainable trend? Since farmers and food artisans are becoming older and only a few young people are replacing them, who should feed the planet tomorrow?

EXPO is like a dream – cheerful, colorful, soothing, but we need to face the truth in order to change the unjust food systems, which disadvantages millions, allowing many of them to starve, and which exploit people, animals, landscapes, thereby also wasting incredible resources!

No, we are not here to blame or to complain. Instead of talking, we do things: we produce your food! ...and we do our best to produce it with respect to animal welfare and the environment. Around 60 people, all true doers, will be coming from Germany to exchange their experiences and ideas with people from all over the world. We believe that we can achieve more together, that is why we want to be part of this event and take our responsibility for the future of our food, and, as a result, that of our kids.

Nothing about us without us! See you in Milan!

Mariusz, Slow Food Youth Deutschland