Let's quiz to Feed the Planet

“Who invented the praline?”, “Where do potatoes originally come from?”, “In what year was Slow Food officially born?”. The quizzers who attended our fundraising event Quiz The Planet, an initiative of Slow Food Youth Network Brussels, were breaking their nerves about quirky questions on food.

Also their senses were tested, as they had to guess the aromatic herb by smell, figure out the cheese by taste and identify the vegetables on sight. The PubQuiz took place in the bar of the local football club, where they serve natural Beaujolais wine and traditional geuze from the famous Cantillon brewery. Besides collecting some money for the crowdfunding campaign, the event was also a great way to involve new people in our local SFYN chapter.

And of course a quiz cannot take place without some fabulous awards! The third prize included a discount at one of Brussels’ most holistic organic shops, while the winners of the second prize will be pleased to drink their cup of “chocolat chaud” on the terrace of Brussels’ most renown chocolatier - Laurent Gerbaud. The first prize … a guided tour and tasting session at the Cantillon brewery!

We hope that our humble fundraising event will help another farmer to join us in Milan, and share his or her valuable experience with the rest of the world!

Tine Devriese, SFYN Bruxelles-Brussel