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An Eat-In is a gathering of people in a very public space sharing a meal they have cooked together.
An Eat-In is a protest against food that is fast, artificially cheap and industrially produced.
An Eat-In is a demand for food that is good, clean and fair.
An Eat-In is a declarationthat this food must be recognized as a Universal Right.
An Eat-In is a celebrationof the people who grow, produce, sell and cook our food and of the people who share food with others.
An Eat-In is a call for the generation inheriting our food system to get out of their cars, turn off their computers and come over to the table.

On Sunday 4th take part in the first eat-in in Milan!

The milanese association of 5Vie art+design, in collaboration with the Slow Food UniSG Convivium of Pollenzo, with the professional help of Milaners  and in occasion of the international event "Terra Madre Giovani - We Feed the Planet" is organizing the first eat-in in Milan.

On the longest table you've ever seen, people from different cultures and various backgrounds will come together. These people, who come from all over the world and have different native languages, all share a common goal: to eat sustainable food, to rebound good vibes and to exchange inspiring ideas. A table, filled with a wealth of culture, people and food, is set up in order to connect with each other and build new sustainable collaborations.

Come then on the 4th October, from 19:30 on, in via Ansperto, close to the roman walls, and join the food revolution!

How to participate?
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Bring something to eat or drink (it's the only entrance fee!)

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For more information, please write us: [email protected]
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Looking forward to meeting you!