Slow Food and the Slow Food Youth Network (SFYN) form a global grassroots, membership-based association that links the pleasure of good food with a commitment to communities and the environment. Slow Food and its Youth Network envision a future where good, clean and fair food will be available for everybody, meaning that all people can access and enjoy food that is good for them, good for those who grow it and goof for the planet. 

Slow Food Youth Network's aim is to build, facilitate and create an international network of young cooks, farmers, chefs, consumers, policy makers, food professionals and students from all over the world. By creating a global, interdisciplinary network of young people, SFYN provides a fertile ground for new ideas, businesses and projects that will help fix problems of the broken food system. By connecting people from different social, professional and cultural backgrounds, SFYN creates a network of young change agents that will change the food system from within. 

The local groups independently create original and engaging events aimed at raising awareness about food issues and providing means to take action, such as the Disco Soup, the Eat-In or the Food Film Festival in Amsterdam. SFYN promotes cooperation between local groups, facilitates the exchange of knowledge and ideas and campaigns internationally. 

You can find the SFYN from Brazil to Japan and from the USA to France and everywhere in between. Join us wherever you are. We might already be in your country, but if not, you are welcome to join and start a SFYN! If you want more information on SFYN, or on how to start your own SFYN, please contact the SFYN coordinators at  

[email protected]